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The Power-686 is a power supply intended for use with the Modulus-686 power amplifier and similar high-power amplifiers. This power supply provides twice the capacitance of the smaller Power-86 and uses individual diodes, each with its own heat sink, rather than a single integrated diode bridge. Thus, the Power-686 is well suited for a stereo Modulus-686 and also a good candidate for multi-channel Modulus-86 builds.

The key features of the Power-686 are:

  • Optimized PCB layout featuring the elaborate use of copper planes and pours to minimize parasitics.
  • Simple capacitor snubber to minimize diode switching noise. Option for CRC snubber for advanced builders.
  • Four discrete diodes with individual heat sinks.
  • Four 22000 µF, 50 V reservoir capacitors. Snap-in capacitors up to 40 mm in specified diameter supported.
  • Power on indicator LED output.
  • 23 A rated Molex MegaFit output connector and terminal blocks for easy interfacing both to Modulus amplifiers and other amplifiers.
  • Detailed documentation describing how to identify the various windings on an Antek AN/AS-series power transformer and connect the transformer correctly.
  • 3.3″ × 5.7″ (84 × 145 mm) footprint. The assembled board measures approximately 57 mm in height.
  • Gold plated PCB, made in Canada.

Build budget: The cost of the parts is just shy of $75.