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Modulus-86 Stereo Kit

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Forget the supply chain issues! This kit contains the circuit boards and all the parts needed to build two Modulus-86 amplifier modules. For the full specs of the Modulus-86 please see the »Modulus-86 Product Page.

Kit contents:

  • Two Modulus-86 circuit boards.
  • All resistors, capacitors, inductors, semiconductors, IC sockets, terminal blocks, and mounting brackets needed to populate the circuit boards.
  • Two Keratherm Red 86/82 thermal pads.
  • Two shoulder washers for mounting the LM3886T/NOPB ICs.

To successfully build this kit you will need decent soldering skills, some solder, and the basic hand tools used in soldering. In addition you will need the ability to identify the different parts from the markings on the parts. These markings are in the form of colour codes on resistors and 3-digit codes on ceramic capacitors. The assembly guide contains all the information needed to identify the parts. Do note that the markings on the parts are pretty small, so having a magnifying glass or loupe handy can be helpful. Similarly, access to an ohmmeter is helpful for telling the resistors apart.

The build video below shows you how to build the Modulus-86 amp modules.