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Selector Switch & Volume Control

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The Selector Switch & Volume Control is a two-part circuit board intended for use with the Input Selector. It is sold as a panel and consists of two boards separated by a V-score:

  1. Volume Control: A simple volume control board that supports the use of an ALPS RK271-series "Blue Velvet" potentiometer. The connections to the volume pot are provided on a gold-plated, 10-pin connector. The routing is optimized for high signal integrity, including excellent channel separation.
  2. Selector Switch: This board is intended for use with the C&K and Lorlin brand rotary switches. The Selector Switch allows for up to six settings on the rotary switch, but many DIYers will want to customize the number of settings. Thus, I have designed the Selector Switch to allow for three to six positions on the rotary switch, while maintaining a symmetrical layout of the switch and the indicator LEDs. This allows for an aesthetically pleasing front panel design. 

The design documentation for this circuit board includes a drill template. Using the template will ensure the correct location of the switch and LEDs for configurations with 3, 4, 5, or 6 indicator LEDs.

To separate the two boards in the panel, simply snap the panel along the V-score.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • The features of the Selector Switch are listed below.

    • Max. number of switch settings configured by wire links. 
    • Supported switch settings: 3 – 6.
    • Indicator LEDs placed at 25.4 mm (1.0") from switch centre with option for placement  38.1 mm (1.5") from switch centre as well.
    • Indicator LEDs are arranged symmetrically for all four supported switch configurations for best aesthetics. 
    • Intended for mounting by the switch threads, though, mounting holes are provided as well.
    • Gold plated PCB. Made in Canada.

    The features of the Volume Control PCB are shown below.

    • PCB optimized for use with the ALPS RK271-series "Blue Velvet" volume pot.
    • Routing optimized for high signal integrity. 
    • Separate ground plane for left and right channels for best channel separation.
    • Connector pinout optimized for high signal integrity, including high channel separation. 
    • Gold plated PCB. Made in Canada

    The parts budget for these two circuits is approximately $44 with the majority of this cost consumed by the ALPS volume pot ($19) and the rotary switch ($16).

  • The specifications for the Selector Switch are listed below.

    Parameter Value Notes
    Number of switch positions 3 – 6 Configured by jumper option
    Power Supply Voltage 5.0 V
    Power Supply Current 3 mA
    Assembled Dimensions 58 × 37 × 34 mm Not including switch shaft
    Assembled Weight 32 g


    The specifications for the Volume Control PCB are tabulated below.

    Parameter Value Notes
    Assembled Dimensions 28 × 37 × 38 mm Not including potentiometer shaft
    Assembled Weight 40 g
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