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The Power-86 Power Supply Board is a companion board for the state of the art Neurochrome composite amplifiers. The intended use is for one Power-86 board to power two Modulus-86, Modulus-186, Modulus-286, or LM3886DR in a stereo amp. It is also possible to use one Power-86 board to power a mono block or, with a slight reduction in peak output power, more than two Modulus-86 or Modulus-186 boards.

The Power-86 board features:

  • Optimized PCB layout.
  • Minimized output impedance and ground impedance through the elaborate use of planes and pours.
  • On-board, heat sinked bridge rectifier.
  • Supports two electrolytic capacitors of up to 40 mm in specified diameter (max. diameter: 41.5 mm).
  • Connector for power ON indicator LED.
  • Simple capacitor snubber to eliminate coupling of diode switching noise into sensitive circuits.
  • Two industry standard JST 3-pin output connectors compatible with the Modulus-186 and Modulus-286.
  • Terminal blocks capable of handling up to AWG 10 (5.2 mm2) wire sizes.
  • Detailed documentation describing how to identify the various windings on an Antek AN/AS-series power transformer and connect the transformer correctly.
  • Bill-of-materials available as a link to a project set up with Mouser Electronics for ease of parts ordering.
  • The circuit board is fully electrically tested by the manufacturer.
  • Gold plated circuit board. Made in Canada.
  • 3.3 × 3.6 inch (84 × 92 mm) footprint.

Build budget: The cost of the parts is just shy of $35.