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Wiring Harness for Purifi 1ET400A / Hypex NC500 Input Buffer

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This wiring harness is intended for use with the Purifi 1ET400A / Hypex NC500 Input Buffer.

The Input Buffer offers support for the use of external voltage regulators by the use of two 3-pin JST EH-series connectors on the PCB. In addition, the status LED outputs for CLIP and READY indication are provided on a similar three-pin JST EH-series connector. Note that only the Hypex NC500 features the CLIP indicator. Both the Purifi 1ET400A and the Hypex NC500 feature the READY indicator. 

While it is possible to "hack it" and crimp the JST terminals with a pair of pliers, it is generally preferred to use pre-crimped leads. Thus, I provide a pre-made wiring harness consisting of one JST EH-series three-pin female connector housing and three 12" (30 cm) pre-crimped leads.

You will need one such wiring harness per Input Buffer for the LED connections. If you wish to connect an external voltage regulator using these harnesses, you will need two wiring harnesses per Input Buffer for the regulator connections.