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Mean Well Control Mean Well Control
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The Mean Well Control allows for two Mean Well switching power supplies to be connected in series and used to power an audio amplifier.

The Mean Well EPP-300, RPS-300, EPP-400, and RPS-400 models are excellent switching power supply choices for an LM3886-based power amplifier, such as my Modulus series. However, as these supplies have only one output, they must be configured properly for use as a dual or split supply. In addition, the Mean Well supplies feature low-voltage on/off control, thus, need a little bit of digital logic to interface to a regular power switch and 12 V trigger.

The key features of the Mean Well Control are listed below.

  • Easy connection to two Mean Well EPP/RPS 300/400 series power supplies creating a dual supply suitable for audio amplifiers.
  • Remote sensing eliminates the voltage drops across connecting wires and PCB layout, thereby minimizing the output impedance of the power supply.
  • Power output provided on Molex Mega-Fit and industry standard JST VH-series connectors for easy connection to the Neurochrome Modulus and LM3886DR amplifiers.
  • Easy connection to a momentary power switch, such as the many anti-vandal switches popular in DIY audio circles.
  • Support for both two-pin bi-colour and regular LEDs for ON/STANDBY indication.
  • Optically isolated 12 V trigger input with high noise immunity.
  • Optical isolation between the control signals for the two Mean Well supplies to minimize any coupling between the supplies.
  • Six-pin header connector allowing for connection to protection circuits, signal-detect circuits, etc.
  • Elaborate use of copper planes and pours to ensure the best circuit performance.
  • 4.00 × 1.75 inch board footprint. The finished module measures approx. 20 mm in height.
  • Gold plated PCB made in Canada.

Build budget: The parts needed to assemble the Mean Well Control PCB amount to $27.